Art Vancouver 2019

International Art Fair

April 25 – 28 2019

Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC

Dear Clients and Patrons: Just returned from Paris; working with the galleries there and in London and getting paintings ready for the new gallery, Les Cercles: La Galerie—who will represent Ygartua with two to three exhibitions yearly. Every show will be a series of a collection, focusing on Paul’s extraordinary diversity in medium and styles.

Now in final preparation for the ART VANCOUVER FAIR, a first class Art Expo right here in Vancouver, now attracting Canadian and Foreign Galleries with top quality work.

This year we will also introduce Paul’s plexiglass paintings; a unique style and medium created solely by him in the mid 80’s. He worked with this medium during the 80’s and 90’s but as it is difficult to work with he left it for several years—with our spacious exhibition area at the Vancouver Art Fair we will for the first time in many years exhibit two large plexiglass works of art.

Future Conceptualism

Future Conceptualism is a revolutionary technique developed by Paul Ygartua. It is a technique of reverse painting on transparent plexiglass, similar to Cloisonne Enamelling, an ancient method of the Chinese (whose history can date back to over 500 years) whereby a single line is etched out depicting the subject matter, then each area painted separately, creating a collage of color in a mosaic effect.

This is a complex technique, conveying a powerful presence. A mixed media mosaic cubistic style inlaid with gold or silver, creating the design and separating the colours. It is a distortion of the subject matter, an original abstract with a sculptural effect. The element of lucidity is created through color separation combining fluorescent metallics, enamels and acrylics.

“This medium I developed in 1986 and this style continued to evolve till the early 90’s. It is just recently that I have re-entered the challenge of working with this extraordinary medium which allows to experiment more with my design concepts creating an ultra modern effect. A medium where I can express my sense of design with the freedom of expression with a controlled freestyle.”

We look forward to seeing you all on the Opening Evening, Thursday, April 25th   7:00 – 10:00 pm  

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