Paris the city of art

Paris city Gargoyle

Paris the city of art

For centuries Paris has attracted artists from around the world, to educate themselves and to seek inspiration from its artistic resources and galleries, recognized globally for its public landmarks and masterpieces of architecture.

“It is inspiring to paint in Paris and I am fortunate to exhibit with galleries and participate in International shows yearly.”

The burning of Notre Dame, 2019 — it Is a great loss to all.

A masterpiece of architecture, an Iconic building that has inspired people worldwide “I have painted the Notre Dame many times throughout the years and each time I have approached it differently, new mediums, styles, etc. but I have never focused on the Gargoyes. I have always been fascinated with these grotesque, yet, intriguing creatures overlooking the city of Paris. I will do a series of Gargoyles in 2020 but below is my first interpretation, realistic and Fantastic— portraying non-realistic, mystical, mythical style.”

Monsters of Revolution: The Gargoyles of Politics,” interprets the gargoyles’ bestial animality as an embodiment of the ever-present, volatile, urban masses. Fear of the terrifying and uncontrollable lower classes, believed to be infected with signs of social and biological degeneration, was especially virulent during the years of the cathedral’s restoration.
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