European Impressionism

My take on modern European impressionistic scenes have always been greatly influenced by the history and the architecture of the great cities and villages of Europe. I was born in England and during my childhood spent every summer in Spain, Basque Country where my Father’s family live and where I first started to paint (at the age of six) alongside of my Mother who was also a painter—she gave me the opportunity to paint and draw when I was very young.

We now live between North America and Europe and have the opportunity to live in many fascinating parts of Europe which gives

me endless subject matter–from the enchanting cities and villages of Italy and Spain to the grand cities of Paris and Barcelona.

Much of the allure of the medieval buildings derives from the sculpture that so frequently adorns them and to be emerged into such splendour with such extraordinary subject matter not only moves ones emotions but it also has a profound influence on my work. European impressionistic paintings are bright colourful works of art to reflect their amazing cultures. 

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