Music Legends

These amazing pieces are examples of some of Paul’s music creations. We are constantly updating our gallery and please feel free to comment on his Music Legends by going to our Flickr gallery. All of Paul’s latest work can be found here.

The icons of the music world executed in an abstract expressionistic style creating a flamboyant and exciting canvas with colour, vibrance and depth, extracting deep emotions through their talent with music.

My Heroes–they have captivated my soul and I will be forever grateful–La Bomba, Buddy Holiday, The Beatles, Jagger, Hendrix, Michael, all of them are the Icons of the Music World. I am fascinated with all the Music Legends, whether it is Jazz, Opera, Pop, Rap, etc.

The legendary Icons of Pop–my era, my time–I went to the same art school as John Lennon and on occasion walked down with him to the Cavern–often saved a table at the Grapes for the group, (before Ringo)–it was exciting and I was there. These Icons have inspired me throughout the years and have fueled my passion to paint the Masters of Music, the Geniuses of the Music World.

We have launched a new site called Music Legends Gallery depicting all of Paul’s latest painting that are inspired by music for sale.

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