Native Masks

Native Portraits “Although I paint faces I don’t consider myself a portrait artist. I enjoy many different subjects, but I find myself constantly searching for the life behind the face—to create an almost historical expression of that person’s life is the direction that most intrigues me.”

YGARTUA HERITAGE – The Basques, one of the oldest known ethnic groups in the world, have been fighting to protect their language and culture for thousands of years. They are fiercely proud of their history.

Paul Ygartua,son of a Basque father – who endured the trauma of the Spanish Civil War, the anguish of his separation from his beloved homeland, resulted in his determination to preserve his heritage, his culture and his connection to his beloved land and family.

“His strength, his pride of being Basque was the most predominant factor in my life – my father had a profound influence on me.”