The Power of Creation–the challenge is to influence your viewer–to enable others to experience the same emotions, the same high the artist experiences through the energy expressed at the moment of creation.

Being on the edge–Originality, spontaneity, freedom of expression. I like to approach the wall as if it were a large canvas—it is more interesting and more original to not use a projected image, more of a fascination, more of a challenge—who wants it to be easy. I want to experience the energy, the high of the challenge, your brain has to be alert, concentration is at a peak at all times, you feel connected. I find this to be thrilling, exciting and more original and the end result is much more satisfying.

MURALS –create a completely different challenge and a real physical workout.

Working on large canvases or a large wall gives a much more vast appearance of space to expand a visual impact from many yards away, allowing viewing from a distance and visualizing a finished product.

Every artist aspires to painting majestic canvases and no better is that achieved than painting wall murals. Most of the walls I have painted range in size from 30 x 50 to 25 x 300 feet. The challenge is creating the composition in the right proportions at such a large scale.

This is approached with a vision of the wall finished before you start. You need to see it in your mind’s eye just to get the perspective, balance and correct proportions. You must always take on the opportunity of working without a projector, in this manner the freedom of the hand will often bring that third dimension that you have always been trying to achieve. It is only then when you will actually envision the subject matter on the wall.